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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My iPod Battery Pack

After reading Drew Perrys guide for a iPod Battery Pack, I just had to make my own. So I searched the house for a box I could mount it in and found an old remote-controlled car which had an on/off switch and a 2xAA battery holder. Then I bought a 6-pin female firewire socket and a PP9 clip, and started making my own iPod Battery Pack...

Under the car:
The included 2xAA + on/off switch.

Taking it apart:
First thing I started to do was to strip away everything that wasn't needed.

Stripped and started:
Got away most of the stuff I didn't need and attached the PP9 clip.

Voltage check:
Wired the rest of the stuff up, including the on/off switch and checked the voltage which read just under 12v!

Battery placement:
Then I placed the battery in the right location and put on the car body, it was a tight squeeze. Drew Perrys guide was using two 9 volt batteries, unfortunatly I could only fit in one, so I probably need to replace that 9 volt battery more often. I also had to mount the firewire socket onto the rear of the car and used a glue gun to fasten it.

The result:
Here you see it in action! Looks kinda cool doesn't it? I use the firewire cable that came with the iPod to charge it and can now with the help of two AA and two PP9 batteries get approx 10 hours more playing time according to Drew Perry. (Oh, and I get to play with my old toy car and have a good reason for doing so :) )

Huge thanks to Drew Perry for making the guide.


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Jaja,sånn går no dagan

Anonymous said...

Må sei eg e litt impa. Fysst trailer-frank, nå elektro-frank - ka blir det nesta?


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